How To Design A Timeless Kitchen

Recently I’ve received a number of questions about how to design a timeless kitchen and what elements to include to make sure that a kitchen stands the test of time.  I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there wondering what things they should be considering when designing a kitchen in a traditional home and more specifically what are the elements of a timeless kitchen.  Most of our kitchen designs have traditional elements throughout but with a modern twist, we do this to make sure that the kitchen doesn’t feel dated.

Elements of a Timeless Kitchen


Paneled Appliances

Paneled appliances – the big thing here is to make sure you find appliance that have an option for flush installation which means that they don’t stick out past the cabinets.    

Timeless Kitchen

Mixture of paint & wood – again a combination of white (or light) painted cabinets with a darker stained wood island is a great combination that will always stand the test of time.

European Edge

More detail on cabinet doors – modern door styles are very angular and don’t have much movement in the way of detailed edges. You can take a modern shaker door and modify the inside and outside edges of the door to have a little more detail and very quickly you’ve subtly changed the entire look of the kitchen.

Furniture Toe Kick

Furniture Toe Kicks – these can even be added to existing kitchens. An arched valance or feet on select cabinets are often an overlooked detail that can really boost the aesthetic of a kitchen.  Making certain cabinets looks more like furniture is an element you’ll see in many traditional kitchens.


Glass Cabinets

Glass Doors – glass doors create depth and interest.  They also provide an opportunity to add another light element to the kitchen.  By lighting the interior of a cabinet with glass doors and shelves you can define points of interest in the kitchen.

Wood Hood

Wood Hoods – I think large attention grabbing pieces generate the biggest wow factor. More often than not this is in the form of a really big custom wood hood. These can really be elevated by including a backsplash detail designed specifically for behind the range and adding fixtures like a pot filler.



Open Layout with Lots of SeatingOld homes tend to have a compartmentalized layout and a kitchen that is for cooking only. Today the kitchen is often the entertainment center of the house and people want to have kitchen conducive to entertaining a crowd.


Arched Doors

Ignore the Trend of the Hour – Dated kitchens tend to be one where someone jumped on trend that eventually faded and they’re left with a kitchen that’s no longer desirable. Or when a homeowner as forced a style into a space that doesn’t go with the aesthetic of the house. 

It’s not that long ago that arched doors, tile countertops and red cherry cabinets were a popular trend.